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Having trouble finding event information? This application can make it easier for you to find information on seminars, training, recruitment, and scholarships.

What can you find on the webino?


Various kinds of seminars that you need can be found in the webino application.


Add and practice your skills by participating in training on the webino application.


Make it easy to find job vacancies on the webino application.


You can get various scholarships easily on the webino application.

About Webino

Event Information Application in Indonesia which has the aim of providing information on seminar, training, recruitment and scholarship schedules in Indonesia in only one platform. People can easily find the desired seminars, training, recruitment and scholarships by using the features available in the application. Event organizers can upload and receive registration for seminars, training, recruitment and scholarships in the Webino application as well as promotions to users.

Webino Vision

Can be an application that provides updated and leading Seminar, Training, Recruitment and Scholarship Information with various available features.

Webino Mission

Increase knowledge and self-development of application users through available seminars.

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